The Advisory Council of Basque Communities abroad (inter-institutional advisory committee on diaspora issues) chose September 8 as “Basque Diaspora Day”. Precisely one of the conclusions of the VI World Congress of Basque Communities held in Vitoria-Gasteiz in 2015 was to seek a “Day of the Diaspora”.

The “Day of the Diaspora” falls within the actions contemplated by the theme of the Congress, “Diasporizatu”, that is to say “Diasporizar” (highlighting and disseminating the diaspora in Basque society) and the Quadrennial Plan. Through the initiatives that will take place on September 8, the Basque Diaspora will be valued, both in Euskal Herria and in the Basque Community abroad.

On this occasion, the association 8 Probintziak will also organize an event in Iparralde…for the Basques of the Basque Country as well as those of the global diaspora.


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