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Since the confinement, we organize virtual meetings (2.0) with actors of the Basque diaspora, to talk about this subject and to follow up on the weekly broadcast of France Bleu Pays Basque… Diaspora eta zu !

After some (fruitful) attempts to familiarize ourselves with the tool that allows us to broadcast both on Facebook (account of Benoit Etcheverry Macazaga , but also our page 8 probintziak as well as our group 8 probintziak ), on our twitter account and to Also present on Youtube , we decided to continue this meeting every Sunday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m (EH time).

You can log into one of these mailing lists, and ask us questions live.

(here Benoit Etcheverry – Bayonne / Jean Marc Irazabal – San Jose California / Alberto Escobal Peru and Rocio Basterra – Viedma Patagonia Argentina)

The idea is to take advantage of this period of uncertainty, to make it a strength, to better prepare for tomorrow, to better understand the diaspora as well. And above all, if you have questions, have before you the appropriate interlocutors who can answer you live, and at best.

We would also like to thank France Bleu Pays Basque , for first giving us permission to use its logo, then for telling us about the existence of this platform, which allows us to manage simultaneously a direct broadcast on different channels. communication… zinez milesker.