Diaspora eta zu 2.0 !

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Diaspora eta zu !

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Diaspora eta zu 2.0 !

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Diaspora eta zu 2.0 !

Since the confinement, we organize virtual meetings (2.0) with actors of the Basque diaspora, to talk about this subject and to follow up on the weekly broadcast of France Bleu Pays Basque… Diaspora eta zu ! After some (fruitful) attempts to familiarize ourselves with the […]

8Probintziak Diaspora Diaspora eta zu diaspora eta zu 2.0 Euskal Diaspora Euskal Etxeak
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Tuesdays confined to the diaspora theme

Why not take advantage of this confinement and beyond, to learn more about the Basque diaspora? Every Tuesday, live on Facebook, Benoit Etcheverry’s page, but also the facebook group of our association 8 probintziak as well as on Benoit Etcheverry’s LinkedIn page, this theme will […]

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