A new program dedicated to the Basque diaspora.

  Benoit Etcheverry - The chronicler of Diaspora eta Zu!

It is a weekly meeting in Euskara. This column aims to present the Basque diaspora from another angle.
Indeed, we are in the twenty-first century, mobility and means of communication are not the same as at the time of our grandparents.
And yet, this diaspora is structured, organized, and this is the subject of the chronicle … Allow our young people today, to know where they go, what are they going there find and how! Who to contact and who ! The cost of living, rent, the value of the local minimum wage, the unemployment rate … in short, useful data. And this information, who better than the actors of our diaspora to transmit them to us ?

Every Wednesday, in the Basque magazine of Xexili Foix, on 101.3FM (Iparralde) or on https://www.francebleu.fr/pays-basque

  Xexili Foix & Benoit Etcheverry

Many destinations have already been mentioned, such as: Berlin, Ajaccio, Reno, San Francisco, Viedma, Paris, Bordeaux, New York … and many others