The association 8 Probintziak has been working with the Basque diaspora on several axes since May 28, 2004.

The primary mission of the association is to foster relations between Euskal Herria and the Basque Diaspora throughout the world.

To achieve this goal, several actions must be carried out such as:

– The organization of bridges between the associations (cultural and sports) of Euskal Herria and associations of the Diaspora (Euskal and associations)

– A work of help to the meeting of separated families.

– The search for isolated Basque people around the world.

– Information Basque communities around the world on Euskal Herria (culture, traditions and sports), through the website:, virtual discussion groups or programs radio that she sets up, like that of 8HZ she animated for more than 14 years.

– The development of exchanges between the companies of Euskal Herria and the Diaspora * In terms of employment and internships * In terms of economic relations (markets), financial .. – Assistance to the realization of a piece bilingual theater on the theme of Basque emigration in collaboration with the Théâtre du versant. DIASPORA BIDAIAN.